Engagement consulting

You probably know by now that companies with more engaged employees perform better–that’s why you’re here! However, simply giving out reward points or golf clubs isn’t going to solve real organizational challenges such as inconsistency in following processes or poor management communications.

engagement-consulting There are many causes for poor company culture– that’s why CorporateRewards looks at the bigger picture beyond points and e-cards. We assess the situation, pinpoint the major issues, and craft a plan to make your company a place that people enjoy coming to each day. That plan might include management training and consulting, process improvement, or simply implementing a program to make sure good work is properly recognized and rewarded.

We’ve built an advisory board of corporate psychologists, data experts, and former HR executives that can assess the current human resources challenges you’re facing and come up with real strategies to change behavior and improve your bottom line. Let’s get started!

Business performance consulting

Looking for lift? Struggling with safety? Simply rewarding top performers is likely not enough, because they’re already performing! Creating performance incentives that are effective yet still yield the desired ROI is an art and science that blends training, behavior modification, and rewards strategy. Tell us where you are and where you’d like to be and we’ll get you on the path to saving money and improving profitability.