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Services Included With Your Program

WorkStride provides professional services that ensure that your managers and administrators will have to do minimal work to make your program run smoothly. We assemble a team for each client that is comprised of account management, web design, software development, and quality assurance professionals. This structure ensures that the team members who work on your account know the way your program works and can respond quickly to solve problems or make changes to your recognition software.

WorkStride Feature and Function List

Please note that our platform is completely flexible and configurable, so any combination of the features and functions below is possible. We organized it this way to make it easier to envision what your program might look like. This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us if you have a question about something you don’t see here!

Technology Technology Basic technology feature of the Workstride platform.
Site Feature Site Feature A feature available to all users and program types if your company elects to include it.
Rewards Rewards A feature specific to earning rewards.
Manager Tools Manager Tools A tool used to manage and measure the program by those with the appropriate permissions.

WorkStride Feature and Function List

Program Type Feature Description
ALL Secure Login Technology Includes username, password, forgot password
ALL Language Pack Technology Translates standard website text automatically
ALL Role-Based Permissions Technology Permissions restricted by user type
ALL Single Sign-On Technology Sign in through an existing website
ALL Cloud Connection Technology Integrate via API with third-party software
ALL Responsive Design Technology Access the program website on any mobile device
ALL Bank Site Feature Accrue rewards and cash out
ALL Event Calendar Site Feature View and RSVP to events
ALL Peronalized User Profile Site Feature Create a unique user profile
ALL Groups Site Feature Create groups for targeted content or recognition
ALL Help Site Feature Read FAQ's or contact customer service
ALL Lottery Site Feature Choose winners based on variables you set
ALL Personalized User Stats Site Feature See a dashboard of program activity
ALL Training Center Site Feature Contains training modules added by the company
ALL User Notifications Site Feature Display calls to action upon login
ALL User Search Site Feature Search for other user profiles
ALL User Self-Registration Site Feature Users can self-register upon first login
ALL Badging Rewards Earn custom badges for achievements
ALL Rewards Mall Rewards Shop using earned rewards
ALL User Transaction History Rewards See a history of rewards transactions
ALL Administration Module Manager Tools Log in as other users, approve awards, modify user data, etc.
ALL Budget Tool Manager Tools Modify and transfer budgets
ALL Communication Tool Manager Tools Send communications to user groups
ALL Content Creator Manager Tools Create and post custom content to the site
ALL Content Management System Manager Tools Upload and manage your own content
ALL Report Generator Manager Tools Create and run custom reports
ALL Slider Manager Tools Post content for program users with calls to action
ALL Survey Tool Manager Tools Create and administer custom surveys
Recognition Program
Peer/Manager Recognition Recognition Stream Site Feature View recognition activity in a social feed
Peer/Manager Recognition Recognition Widget Site Feature Nominate co-workers for awards
Peer/Manager Recognition Win Story Site Feature Write about a win for all to see
Peer/Manager Recognition Welcome Wagon Manager Tools Manage onboarding events
Peer/Manager Recognition Recognition Toolkit Manager Tools Provide managers tips on effective recognition
Incentives Program
Sales Incentives Leaderboard Site Feature See top performers for promotions or contests
Sales Incentives Promotions Center Site Feature Read about available promotions or contests
Sales Incentives Sales Widget Site Feature Enter sales towards promotions
Sales Incentives Contest Creator Manager Tools Create sales contests in just a few clicks
Sales Incentives Fraud Checking Manager Tools Validate entered sales
Safety, Training, and Wellness
Safety, Training, and Wellness Leaderboard Site Feature See top performers for promotions or contests
Safety, Training, and Wellness Promotions Center Site Feature Read about available promotions or contests
Safety, Training, and Wellness Recognition Widget Site Feature Nominate co-workers for awards
Safety, Training, and Wellness User Self-Reporting Site Feature Enter activities toward earning rewards
Safety, Training, and Wellness Contest Creator Manager Tools Create contests in just a few clicks

WorkStride Clients

WorkStride represents clients of various sizes, including some Fortune 500 organizations, from a wide range of industries. We are based in New York City and owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm.

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