5 Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT to Train Your Employees

It’s nice that you think your employees are super smart, and able to “catch on” to things, but neglecting to train is a huge mistake. Every company (even in the same industry) is different. Even if your salesperson has used Salesforce.com before, it’s highly unlikely her last company had it configured exactly the same as you do, or used the same sales stages to classify opportunities. It’s great that you hired an experienced customer service representative, but he needs a training or onboarding program to know your company policies, how to work your particular phone and email systems, etc.

Here’s what happens when you don’t train your employees:

1. They do things incorrectly, which annoys your more experienced employees and also may provide a poor customer experience. In some jobs it’s a major safety hazard.

2. They are frustrated when they spend valuable time and lose productivity trying to figure something out that somebody could have shown them in a few moments.

3. They get upset when they get slapped on the wrist for doing something they had no idea was wrong.

4. They avoid doing things they don’t know how to do or are unsure of because they don’t want to continuously bother others with questions.

5. They train the next person incorrectly, or don’t train them at all, in accordance with the norms you’ve set.

All of these things lead down a bad path to employees who are disengaged, to lost time and money, and to dissatisfied customers. As much time as you think you are saving by skipping this step, you are actually losing twice that from all the time that is wasted on the consequences.

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