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Channel Incentive Management, Program Administration, Automation, Insights and Reporting, Program Flexibility and Scale

Good channel incentive management requires a solution that meets the specific needs of your organization. With WorkStride, you get a solution provider that delivers an engaging and motivating program for participants and a strong channel incentive management program experience for administrators. 

Key Pillars of Channel Incentive Management


Program Management

Take control of even the most complex programs with key tools and features to automate otherwise manual processes. Streamline efficiencies in claims managements, payouts, approvals, reports, communications, campaigns and more.


Engagement and Communication

Administrators know the value of gamification and personalized communications for motivating participants to perform. That's why we provide a suite of functionality to help admins quickly and easily reach, engage, and communicate with program audiences.


Personalization and Targeting

Not all of your program audience members are the same. Your program will provide you with advanced targeting capability and permissioning. This ensures that each participant is getting a strong, relevant, and impactful experience.

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Sales Program and SPIFF Management

Launching new incentives and sales campaigns has never been simpler. Your program will allow for seamless creation of new targeted incentives, SPIFFs, spurts, and contests to key audiences. Admins gain control over tailored incentive logic to meet specific needs and objectives


Payout Processing and Rewards

Management over the complexities of incentive payouts and reward issuances could get burdensome if done manually. Your program will automate the payout processing and reward issuance ensuring a timely and accurate experience, every time.


Data and Reporting

Channel incentive management is made simple with data management tools. Pull in activities that earn rewards and generate program performance that you can see and track visually. Admins see holistic reporting while participants see how their own performance is tracking.

Cohesive Channel Incentive Management Features and Functionality

WorkStride Incentive Solutions

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Dealer Channel Incentive Programs Rewards

Gain Control over SPIFFs, Contests, Rebates.

Motivate your channel partners with engaging incentives. Incentive promotions can be long-term continuous loyalty programs, or short-term and tailored SPIFFs. Admin features for good channel incentive management enable you to create targeted incentive campaigns to end users groups, with control over incentive logic, theme, content. gamification, and other key details.

Manage Training and Learning

Your program provides you with training modules, giving admins the ability to host trainings, videos, quizzes, and other educational content. Gain control of who gets access to what material and track performance as is progresses.

Channel Incentive Program Training and Quizzes
Channel Incentive Program Management

Powerful Control, Speed, and Flexibility of Your Programs.

Receive an award-winning channel incentive management experience. Our suite of administrative tools helps flex the program in all the ways that you need it. Keep it personal with automated audience building and program targeting. Take action with new SPIFF and rebate creation. Make it yours with payout logic and rules.

Manage Audiences and Groups

Breakdown the general program population into key groups. Group can be targeted with new incentives, content, feature access, and more. Audiences can be created in seconds within the program and saved within your audiences library.

Channel Incentive Program Audiences Targeting
Sales Channel Incentive Program Data

Seamless Program Data Management

Channel incentive management needs a smooth process for collecting data, and ensuring it’s clean, valid, and ready for payout. We help across the board so that you have peace-of-mind knowing your program and services are taking on the heavy lifting of program data management. 

Simple Program Communication

Don’t just incentivize your audiences, communicate using key features within your program. Toolkit lets you host vital content that can have targeted access. Message Creator gives you a simple email/SMS messenger within the program to ping your audiences with key messages that go beyond automated program notifications. Like new products released or other company developments.

Channel Incentive Program Communication
Gift Card Channel Incentive Rewards

Automated Rewards Experience

Managing rewards in programs can be a hassle. That’s why WorkStride does the work. Our programs can host any combination or exciting rewards — from gift cards, Visas, merchandise, cash, and more. Checkout, processing, shipping, and customer service are all part of your inclusive channel incentive management experience.

Ease Admin Burden by Centralizing SPIFFs, Rebates, MDF, CO-OP

Bring all of your channel incentive programs together with a suite of fund management capabilities, all under one roof. Manage your Incentives, rebates, MDF, and COOP programs to streamline administrative burdens of juggling multiple programs.

Channel Incentive MDF & Coop Management

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The Channel Incentives Program Strategy Playbook

Learn the best practices in strategic program design to Evaluate, Enroll, Engage, Educate, Elevate channel partners.
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