Channel Partner Training and Quizzing

Engaging Training and Quizzing Modules to Help Partners Become True Brand Ambassadors

Training Content and Documentation Hosting. Video Hosting. Learn-and-Earn Incentivized Training.

WorkStride empowers you to leverage your program to pass valuable knowledge and education to your channel partners with channel partner training programs. While sales incentives inspire motivation to sell, good training strategy helps them to sell better. Choose to add excitement to training by incorporating gamification, quizzing, and rewards.

Impart Product Knowledge and Brand Expertise into Your Partner Network

Channel partner training programs help brands earn more engagement, mindshare, and loyalty among partners. Pass key knowledge and material to your partners with modules that can be targeted to the user and can incorporate participation and completion incentives.

Content Hosting

Leverage the attention and engagement in the platform by providing simple access to key materials. Training and Toolkit featured enable easy partner access to product brochures, company overviews, branding materials, and video content.

Quizzing & Incentivized Learning

Encourage partners to participate in your training curriculum by incorporating quizzes and participation/completion incentives. Choose to even require training completion as a prerequisite to program or specific SPIFF eligibility. 

Engaging Training Modules Make Learning Fun and Exciting to Partners

Create a learning experience within your program with hosted learning and configurable quizzing. Channel partner training material is easily accessible by participants, and can include training participation rewards and incentives. 

Channel Incentive Program Training and Quizzes
Incentive Quizzing

Launch Channel Quizzing to Keep Partners Sharp

Choose the knowledge that is most important to instill in your channel partners. You can host interactive training modules to teach and test the knowledge of your partners.

Leverage Learn & Earn to Give Training Participation or Completion Rewards

Make training an educational and rewarding experience. Channel partner training can include rewards for participating or completing modules. Training can even serve as prerequisites for other incentives, or program enrollment all-together. 

Provide Partners with Handy Access to Key Materials

Toolkit module helps you to strategically align your content with your program goals – such as user guides, brochures, training documents, FAQs, and more.

Admins can customize platform content by uploading, editing, and removing resources as needed, and program participants have a highly visible central location to view these resources.

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