Claims Administration and Program Data

Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Highly Organized and Secure Data Processes

Claims Administration, Sales Submission, Sales Validation, Payout Processing, User Data, Product Data

You’re covered – no matter how your sales claims and other data enter your rewards program. With a secure submission process with various channels for data feeds and multiple layers of sales validation, you’ll always know that relevant activities happening out in the field will find their way into your program for payout, quickly and accurately.

Claim Submission and Validation Designed to the
Unique Requirements of Your Channel

Sales Incentive Claim Submission

Data Submission

There are multiple options available to feed data into your program, whether it’s sales transactions, other rewardable activities, products, or user/dealer data. like regular secure file transfer, seamless self-submission, and custom API system integration.

All data ingested into your program feed neatly into your platform’s claims center, where administrators can see and manage claims.

Data Cleanliness

For any data that needs some extra attention, WorkStride helps support cleaning and formatting messy program data. Our data team leverages Trifacta technology to clean system data to conform to standard feeds, like sales data, user, product, and more


After successful data entry, you’ll have multiple methods for auditing unvalidated rewardable claims to adopt into your program design, including auto-validation against source data, manual audits performed by program administrators using Claims Admin and manual audits performed by WorkStride.

Capture, Validate, and Organize All Data, However it Comes in

Channel Program Data

Regular Sales File Transfer

Your program will be able to take in claims and other relevant program data from you through manual or scheduled secure SFTP file drops.

Dealers and Distributor Feeds

Large dealers and distributors who have their own data formats can be set up with regular data feeds into the program, with the option of data cleansing and formatting services.

Manual User Claims Entry

Equip your participants with a simple and mobile-responsive form submission process for direct program entry. Forms are flexible and customized to data capture requirements.

API System Integration

Link your program to an internal company program with custom API for automated data transfer from PRM, ERP, CRM, HRIS, or other systems.

Secure Claim Validation

Verify claims that are not pre-validated with multiple options and layers. Auto-validation against source-of-truth data, or manual validation performed by WorkStride or by using Claims Admin.

OCR Technology

Add an extra layer of technology-enabled claims administration using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to spot irrelevant and erroneous data in user file uploads.

MDF and COOP Programs

Industry-Leading Processing and Payout Speed and Accuracy

Reduce long wait times between rewardable action and reward to the user. Your system will offer your audiences the quickest and most accurate claims process in the market, built with the tools and processes that ensure speed and efficiency. Users receive notifications through the process for transparency when their claim has been entered and accepted, and payout received for redemption.

Responsive Claim Form Design

Your unique manual submission form design is tailored to meet the requirements of your data needs, while creating a hassle-free experience for the submitter. Include various field options, such as open text fields, drop-down, auto-complete entry of acceptable options, and file upload.

Channel Sales Submission
Channel Sales Data

Automate, Organize, Streamline

Feed some or all data directly into the program by file drop or API for quick ingestion and processing. Messy data formatting is supported by your data services team to organize according to system requirements. Once entered and processed, system program data can be seen in reports and exported for use within your organization.

Visualize and Control with Claims Admin

Gain simple visualization and control of program claim administration with Claims Admin available in each program. See claims live as they enter the program. With a single click, accept, deny, or hold claims in pending status. You can choose to control the manual claim validation or lean on WorkStride to support the process for you.

Channel Sales Validation

OCR Technology

Enter the cutting edge with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) added to your unique claims administration design. The technology allows users to submit invoices, receipts, or other claim documentation. OCR verifies against a pre-compiled list of “bad phrases” that trigger additional claims review, with the option for a manual review, an approval, or even an automatic rejection of specific claims.

See a Clear Window into Program Performance with Reporting and Analytics

Keep a live pulse on how your program is performing across all key aspects that matter. See sales performance, claim submission, promotion participation, logins, trainings accessed, and any other program activities that are meaningful for you. Users see their own reports and activities through reports and gamification tracking widgets. Admins see holistic reporting through reports and optional analytics.

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