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CorporateRewards launches WorkStride, a new enterprise recognition, incentive and reward software platform

CorporateRewards, a provider of employee recognition and incentive software, announced today the launch of WorkStride, a new software platform that powers employee engagement and performance programs across the enterprise, motivating and rewarding the people needed to drive tomorrow’s growth.

CorporateRewards recognizes that many factors contribute to employee engagement and, in turn, an organization’s success. WorkStride addresses all of these areas by providing fully configurable programs for recognition, incentives, wellness, training, and safety. The software helps companies highlight good deeds, compensate great work, and share authentic stories that reinforce a common direction.

“Companies today are looking for more than just a way to reward employees,” said CorporateRewards CEO Jim Hemmer. “WorkStride is the result of more than 14 years’ experience working with clients who want us to help them build a people-driven strategy that starts with a culture of communication and recognition. This approach results in a truly inspiring work environment, better performance, and a compelling culture that attracts the best candidates.”

WorkStride has been designed to delight the modern software user, who expects flawless integration, seamless mobile access, and intuitive design. The platform integrates with existing software, such as CRM, HRIS, and payroll providers to share data and provide insightful reporting and analytics. It also has single sign-on capabilities that make it accessible from the company intranet or other internal sites so employees do not have to remember multiple logins and passwords.

Taking into account that consumer tastes are ever changing, WorkStride’s rewards offering is built to offer users a modern shopping experience. “Today’s employee is not happy choosing a set of golf clubs from a catalog or taking the time to figure out how many thousands of points can earn them the TV they want,” said EVP of Sales and Marketing, Tom Silk. “With WorkStride, employees enjoy a true retail experience where they can shop with real dollars to get exactly what they want.”

CorporateRewards also welcomes organizations to incorporate any type of rewards that will motivate their employees, including cash, paid time off, charitable giving, experiences, or non-monetary techniques.

WorkStride’s reporting module was built with managers’ needs in mind. Going beyond simple transactional reporting, it takes into account that employees are the ones that drive the organization forward, identifying outstanding contributors as well as those who have the potential to improve. The interface is simple and intuitive, with graphical callouts and one-click report generation so program activity can be seen at a glance. Multiple filters and CSV export are available for more detailed data analysis.

The WorkStride platform helps organizations increase the engagement and performance levels of all employees with the following programs:

  • Recognition: Build a positive culture one deed at a time by unearthing the great actions happening every day throughout the organization, sharing them in a social setting, and providing rewards.
  • Incentives: Challenge sales professionals to exceed performance expectations through the use of rewards, gamify selling to bring out everyone’s competitive best, and track participation metrics to pinpoint sales challenge areas.
  • Safety: Record near miss events and communicate from the field instantly on issues, rewarding both safe behaviors and the reporting of conditions that could cause an accident.
  • Training: Create excitement and encourage participation in training through gamification, recognition, and rewards.
  • Wellness: Offer incentives to participate in wellness initiatives (both monetary and non-monetary) and encourage healthy actions that contribute to disease prevention and a healthier workforce.

About CorporateRewards

CorporateRewards is an employee engagement software and service company. We build customized recognition, rewards and incentives solutions that address and adapt to dynamic needs, helping individuals and organizations harness a shared purpose, optimize performance and enhance impact. CorporateRewards represents clients of various sizes, including several Fortune 500 organizations, from a wide range of industries. We are based in New York City and owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm. Learn more at



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