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Why Educating Employees on the Competition is Good for Business


Can the average employee in your organization name your major competitors? Could they rattle off your top three differentiators?

Unless they’re in marketing, sales, or upper management, chances are the answer is “no.”

But why not? Don’t all professional teams watch tapes of the competition before games? The coach checks out what the rivals are doing, and then shares that with the people who are actually going to get on the field so they know how to anticipate and outmaneuver them.

Here are just a few reasons why your employees should know what the competition is doing:

  • It might inspire them to come up with new ideas to counter-attack with new strategies and/or replicate what the competition is doing-but better
  • It will give them a tangible goal to reach and exceed. For example, if your software developers know that your biggest rival’s sites are more polished, you can challenge them to make their next version of your software even better.
  • It will foster an atmosphere of teamwork in which all employees feel that they are part of the effort to do better, at every level.

Let’s face it: not all companies are doing things that will excite and engage employees. Someone has to manufacture plastic parts or sell shoelaces. However, any company can create excitement and engagement by rallying the team and adopting a competitive mentality throughout the organization.

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