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For more than two decades, WorkStride has delivered global enterprise companies with employee recognition solutions that are tailor-fit to meet even the most complex needs. Our solutions blend together a winning combination of flexible technology, vertical specialization, industry expertise, and top-tier support to deliver an unforgettable rewards experience that you and your culture deserve.

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React to Churn Risk with Effective Retention Solutions

Our solutions for retention management provide HR teams with a unique ability to identify and react to top grade internal talent at risk for churn.  The system enables this through seamless collection of retention nomination of key talent through the recognition program by managers and leaders. Nominations include retention milestones with desired comp adjustments, later to be reviewed by appropriate roles. 

Log Nominations and Key Milestones

Leaders include retention milestone amounts per nomination that align to the desired level of comp adjustment necessary to retain the employee talent. This also includes business drivers, amount of comp, and retention milestone dates to be reviewed by approvers.

Keep Things Organized and Collaborative with and Efficient Process

After retention nominations and milestones are submitted,  we host your custom approval processes, which can include multiple levels of approval. Nominated employees go into a collaborative approval log for assigned admins and leaders to review, where they can see employees nominated, milestones, retention amounts, and approval history.


Approve Talent for Comp Adjustments and Keep Track of Activities

Once approved by all approvers, milestone amounts are logged as approved and can be executed, either by submission to payroll if you’ve chosen to run adjustments as payroll comp, or as spot award if you’ve chosen to reward adjustments through the recognition program.

Get a Detailed Window into Retention and all Program Behaviors

Your program provides you with robust reporting and optional analytics for insights that help keep a strong pulse on employee recognition and engagement. Break down data to see activity within teams, locations, divisions, and other groups. Earn the ability to celebrate the engaged segments and action the less engaged.

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