External Role Recognition

Enable Bi-Directional Recognition Between Program Participants and Roles Outside of the Program

Non-Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Social Recognition.

There are a lot of extraordinary and recognizable moments happening within your employee base. But many organizations have moments to capture between employees and vital outside roles, like volunteers, customers, vendors, students, contractors or more. WorkStride gives you the capabilities your need to extend program reach beyond program lines.

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External Employee Recognition

Extend Recognitions Beyond Program Lines

Create valuable moments of recognition between employees and non-employees. Programs can enable staff to recognize outside roles for their support and hard work, like volunteers, contractors, customers and more.

Personalize the External Recognition Experience

When sending a non-employee a recognition, program users can choose the delivery method, like email or print, and can pick the award type or core value exhibited, along with a custom message and sender.

External Employee Recognition
External Employee Recognition

Inspire Social Engagement

Service awards displayed in your program’s social stream encourage participants to like and comment on awards displayed, which turns the award experience into a socially interactive one.

Drive Recognition from the Outside In

External recognition is a two-way street with non-user program capability to submit a recognition to a member in the recognition program. A public form on your program’s public login page enables non-participants, like customers, patients, and other partners to recognize a member of staff.

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Employee Reward Experience

Capture All of the Memorable Recognitions with your Program

Recognitions sent to employees from outside roles create a memorable reward experience within the program, adding value, more engagement, and more program utility. Choose to showcase external recognitions publicly within your program, or filter their visibility.

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