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Goodbye, CorporateRewards. Hello, WorkStride!

In April 2015 our company (then called CorporateRewards) released a brand new software platform called WorkStride®. WorkStride is a cloud-based system that supports recognition, incentive, and performance programs along with rewards fulfillment. The platform and its features were designed to address a variety of challenges organizations face every day, including improving company culture, motivating better performance, encouraging wellness and safe work, and using behavioral data to make better business decisions.

At the time of the product release we weren’t sure if we would change the CorporateRewards name, which had been around for 15 years. But as our industry and clients continued to evolve in their thinking about employee engagement and motivation, rewards became a smaller and smaller part of the conversation. That’s what really made us start to re-think the name “CorporateRewards.”

Then, as our partners and even prospective clients began to interact with the WorkStride platform and branding, they began naturally calling us WorkStride. Pretty soon we were getting regular questions about what our actual company name was, and we knew it was time to make a decision.

We are excited to move forward into 2016 and beyond as WorkStride, which now describes both our powerful software engine and the growing company behind it. The name was carefully chosen to represent our focus on helping employees hit their strides through a variety of initiatives that include recognition, sales incentives, wellness, safety, and training applications.

Want to learn more about WorkStride? Watch this short video about how our recognition solution helped Orlando Health build a vibrant culture of recognition.

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