18 SEP, 2017

5 Employee Perks To Daydream About

Employee Perks

Here at WorkStride, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the employee experience. We have great benefits such as casual attire, free snacks, a foosball table, work-from-home Fridays, and flexible vacation time. We also have monthly massage days (my favorite day of the month)!

There are many companies out there who seek to provide the best experience for their employees. The idea is that the happier their employees, the more they will be involved in their work, and thus they will better serve the company and customers. Not to mention, improved company culture and atmosphere also increases retention and loyalty!

Let’s take a look at some examples of companies who have ground-breaking or progressive employee perks. We’re not talking about standard benefits like health plans and a 401k. Here we will dive into six companies we felt have gone above and beyond the normally available benefits offerings.


Audible is known for their thousands of audiobook titles available to listen to, but Audible is also known for their unique employee perks. Audible moved to Newark, NJ about a decade ago, and only recently created an incentive program in the hopes to get employees to move closer to work. One perk they offered was a $2,000/month rent reimbursement when the employee signed on for a two-year lease. Additionally, for those who were unable to (or didn’t want to) take the deal, Audible offers transit reimbursement, as well as paid parking and a shuttle service! If local restaurants are your thing, Audible also offers pre-paid debit cards for employees to get out on the town, have a nice out, and support local businesses!


InVision is unique, as they are 100% remote. They do not have an office in any particular state or country, so they have gotten creative with their employee perks. Productivity and focus are always a challenge with remote employees, so InVision offers their employees unlimited Starbucks gift cards. In addition to all the coffee you could ever need, InVision also offers unlimited books related to your profession. There is no need to purchase your own professional development books, because InVision is investing in you; the more you know about your field, the better equipped you are to help the company grow.


Patagonia is an outdoors-focused company, so naturally, their employee perks focus on giving their employees the freedom to get outdoors! Their “Let My People Go Surfing” policy allows employees the opportunity to take afternoons to go surfing, hiking, spend time with kids, pursue education, and more! Patagonia trusts their employees, and the employees enjoy their freedom, so it all works out!

Patagonia also offers on-site childcare, which allows their employees the opportunity to work at the office and not worry about their children. They have also found that 100% of new moms return to work after having a child because of this offer.

Finally, Patagonia an alternative transportation reimbursement. When employees take alternative ways to work, such as biking, walking, carpooling, or yes, even kayaking, they can track their commute in an online calendar and the company will reimburse $2 per trip (up to $500/year)! Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also getting paid to do it!


The desire to travel is a growing goal for many people in the workforce. At Fizziology, employees can participate in the “For Your Inspiration” program. With this program, employees receive a stipend to take a non-meeting work trip to a place of their choosing that will inspire them in their work. Employees are still expected to work so they must have access to WiFi, and there must be a legitimate reason why their chosen destination inspires them and can help their role within the company. However, that being said, they are also required to take time to experience the culture of the city they are visiting, and the funding renews each year! Employees share photos and stories of their experiences when they return, encouraging ideas and inspiration throughout the team.


Student loans are a serious problem. The average student debt in America is $37,172. PWC realizes that student loans are a burden to their employees, so they offer a $1,200 yearly stipend to employees with student debt. They have done the math, and this amount could save as much as three years and $10,000 in a single employee’s repayment.

Those are just a few companies that have interesting perks that are off the beaten path. I’m sure there are many other companies that have unique benefits, so if your company does something different, let us know on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter!

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