28 DEC, 2016

6 Simple Strategies to Reduce Stress at Work [Infographic]

hand squeezing stress ball

This is a guest post by Jeff Murphy, Director of Communications at SnackNation.

There’s a silent killer in your workplace.

It lurks in the shadows, depleting your energy, sacking your concentration, and shaking your confidence. Your co-workers talk about it in hushed tones (if at all), and your boss is in denial of its very existence…

Its name?


It’s no joke. Countless studies show that excess stress can cause real physical symptoms like headaches, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, chest pain, and trouble sleeping. That’s not to mention its role in mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

In the infographic below, we’ll take a look a look at the alarming costs of stress at work, the warning signs that you’re too stressed, and six simple methods for reducing that stress—so you can get back to kicking butt.

snacknation how to deal with stress

For more information on how to beat stress at work, view the expanded version of this post.

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