13 NOV, 2017

How WorkStride Commits to Employee Engagement

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At WorkSride, we offer an employee recognition program that is designed to recognize, engage, and reward your employees. Whether you’re thanking an employee for years of service, rewarding an innovative initiative, or simply handing out a thank you for the day’s hard work, you have the chance to make your employee experience a rewarding one.

Internally, we practice what we preach. Our HR head, Joanne Gadson, gives her insights into how she and the executive team keep WorkStride employees engaged.

What does engagement mean to WorkStride?

It’s really about creating the best work environment, where employees can do their best work.

How does WorkStride keep employees engaged?

Communication is so important, so we try to do the best we can to keep employees informed about what’s going on day to day, how the business is doing, making sure they have clear goals, and understanding how their work fits into everything else. And the way we do that is by our managers spending one on one time with their employees often to understand that their work is part of something bigger.

We do all-hands meetings on an every-other-month basis where our CEO, Jim Hemmer, will get up and talk to the whole team about how the company’s doing, what’s coming ahead, and just keeping people in line with reiterating our core values, our vision, our mission as an organization.

We also do a “brown bag” lunch series where each of our leadership team members spends time with a cross-functional group of employees to make sure that they continue to understand what each of the functions do, and, again, keep them informed about what’s going on within their teams.

Does WorkStride use its own recognition program?

We do use our own recognition program. It is called the W, because it is all about the win—it is about WorkStride. It’s so exciting because we have peer-to-peer recognition, so we can give each other a high five. We have our “All Star” award, where our managers can recognize their subordinates for a job well done. And we also have our quarterly MVP award.

Do you have advice for improving engagement?

I think I would actually tell other HR professionals that they need to get to know their people and understand what matters to them, because, by understanding what matters to them, that’s how you engage them, that’s how you develop programs, that’s how you work with managers on what their employees need to be successful. It is all about creating the environment where people can do their best work. If people are engaged, they will do their best work.

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