21 SEP, 2016

The Inside Scoop: What Makes a Company the Most Enjoyable Place to Work?

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We recently took an in-depth look at a list of the top 50 most enjoyable companies to work for. The folks at Glassdoor created the list and based it on the (sometimes brutal) feedback that employees post on the well-known job search website. In addition to highlighting the problems in an organization, the website also captures honest, unsolicited, and positive feedback submitted by current and past employees. This is valuable feedback that other companies can use to gain insight about what makes work satisfying for employees.

Several well-known employers made the Best Places to Work list — Apple, Adobe and Facebook — but there are some surprises, too. The top 25 companies represent a variety of industries, including retail, technology, food service, transportation, insurance, and social media. Although the industries were varied, we identified key characteristics that are commonplace in workplaces people actually want to work in:

Company Culture

The most common theme across the 50 companies is company culture. It makes sense—companies that strive to create a healthy culture that’s focused on supporting employees, creating a great work environment, and promoting social responsibility become the organizations where people want to work.

One company on this year’s list, REI, creates an enjoyable work environment while constantly supporting its employees.

REI employees giving high fives

[Source: glassdoor.com]

A former REI employee gave the following feedback on Glassdoor, “The people at REI are absolutely fantastic. Something about the work environment draws an appealing attitude out of people. The company as a whole is also very aware of promoting work-life balance, and encourages you to go outside and have fun on a regular basis.”

Here’s a quick overview of REI’s Glassdoor profile:

  • 951 reviews
  • 294 interviews surveyed
  • 255 benefits
  • 3K salaries

Another company coming in at No. 3 on this year’s list, Guidewire, had one current employee raving about their company culture:, “Guidewire hits the sweet spot between ‘startup culture’ and ‘big corporate culture.’ There is the small company vibe, wherein you can talk to everyone and get things done. And there is enough room for flexibility in processes for individuals and teams to choose what works best for them, while having the support of the larger organization.”

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[Source: glassdoor.com]

Guidewire’s Glassdoor profile overview includes:

  • 479 reviews
  • 178 interviews surveyed
  • 145 benefits
  • 499 salaries


Appreciating employees for their efforts remains one of the most powerful ways to maintain a happy and engaged workforce. Companies that recognize innovation and creativity were especially favored by reviewers. Recognizing employees for what they contribute goes a long way towards making work gratifying and increasing overall company satisfaction.

At global consulting firm Protiviti, one current employee couldn’t say enough good things about their employer, including that, “Recognition and appreciation abound.”


[Source: glassdoor.com]

Protiviti’s Glassdoor profile further proves why it made this year’s list:

  • 868 reviews
  • 380 interviews surveyed
  • 162 benefits
  • 4k salaries

Coming in at the top-middle of the list, MINDBODY is viewed by one current employee as a “fantastic company” due mainly to the positive environment and encouragement received from management. “Management encourages you not only professionally, but in personal aspects of life too. So thankful to work for such an amazing company!”

MINDBody employees

[Source: glassdoor.com]

Here’s a quick overview of MINDBODY’s Glassdoor profile:

  • 324 reviews
  • 140 interviews surveyed
  • 116 benefits
  • 421 salaries

Development opportunities

When reviewing the top 25 companies, it’s clear that career advancement and professional development opportunities are also something employees seek, and which positively contributes to their job satisfaction. Demonstrating a commitment to growth and learning—even in small ways—lets employees know that you support them as professionals who have goals and aspirations, too.

HubSpot is a big advocate of employee growth. A current employee’s Glassdoor review said, “Leadership places a heavy emphasis on employee growth across all divisions, from tuition reimbursement to offering opportunities to take on challenges outside your core responsibilities.”

HubSpot employees

[Source: Glassdoor.com]

Here’s a quick glimpse at HubSpot’s Glassdoor profile:

  • 336 reviews
  • 315 interviews surveyed
  • 117 benefits
  • 399 salaries

Another list-maker, Nestle Purina PetCare, places a substantial investment in its employees, which includes offering endless growth and development opportunities. And according to one Glassdoor reviewer, “When they say they take an active interest in you and what you want to do with your career, they mean it. From ongoing meetings with my manager to development opportunities offered free of charge, I feel like I have a lot at my disposal to be successful here.”

Purina PetCare employees

[Source: glassdoor.com]

A quick breakdown of Nestle Purina PetCare’s Glassdoor profile includes:

  • 748 reviews
  • 279 interviews surveyed
  • 182 benefits
  • 902 salaries

Engaged workforce

It’s about more than just a paycheck at highly rated companies. Workers are typically driven and engaged in what they do when they understand their role, and when they see how they contribute to the organization’s success. The most important driving force in making this happen is your management team. If you train managers to be effective coaches and mentors, you’re far more likely to have an engaged workforce.

According to one current Costco employee, their management team makes employees feel like a part of something bigger, “As big as Costco is, I could still go and walk up to a Director and share some ideas I had. Best part is that they are actually being considered! … They mean it when they say ‘We are a family.’”

Costco office space

[Source: glassdoor.com]

Here’s a glimpse into Costco’s Glassdoor profile:

  • 745 interviews surveyed
  • 727 benefits
  • 8k salaries

At Paycom, a current employee appreciates managers’ willingness to listen and says, “Leaders are always encouraging us to provide constructive feedback.” Soliciting and acting on employee feedback is essential to ensuring that workers feel like a valued part of the team.

Paycom employees

[Source: glassdoor.com]

Paycom’s Glassdoor profile contains:

  • 402 reviews
  • 312 interviews surveyed
  • 122 benefits
  • 278 salaries

A great place to work isn’t just about a short commute and an incredible benefits package. Most employees want to feel like they’re making a contribution, and they want to enjoy what they do.

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