12 DEC, 2014

Low-Cost Workplace Holiday Celebration Ideas

Company Holiday Party

Your office holiday celebration doesn’t have to be a black-tie affair at the swankiest joint in town to be fun. If your budget can’t support an open bar and banquet dinner, there are plenty of other great ways to celebrate with your employees.

Have Employees Contribute.

Hold a potluck or have a holiday bake-off where everyone can bring something in for all to share and vote on.

Hold a Holiday Happy Hour:

Get some bottles of wine and a few snacks, throw on a festive Pandora station, and let everyone knock off a little early one day to celebrate in a common area in your office. Bring some fun group games like Taboo or Heads Up for everyone to play so you can eliminate the problem of departments clumping together and standing around awkwardly. You can also do gift exchange games like White Elephant.

Have the Party Late.

If you do want to throw a traditional holiday party at a hotel or event space, waiting until January is much cheaper. Here, we do Christmas in July every year so we can do fun warm-weather activities like boat cruises or rooftop parties. Many people are also super busy or traveling during holiday time and simply cannot spare extra hours for work events.

Do a Unique Activity.

Take everyone on a field trip to the local ice rink. Provide branded company sweatshirts or other apparel as a token gift. If your office has the space and screens, have a mini holiday movie marathon one afternoon. Set up a candy bar where employees can make their own movie snacks before settling in to watch Elf. Or you can really get in the holiday spirit by having everyone volunteer together at a food bank or other charitable organization.

No matter what you do for your employees during the holidays, it should be a time to celebrate the end of a year of hard work and thank them for their contributions. Make sure it’s inclusive, heartfelt, and fitting of your company culture. There is nothing worse than forced fun!

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