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Integration of software may seem daunting at first, but ultimately, it can make a significant difference in the long run. As day-to-day workflows are becoming more automated, it’s easy to see the potential integration has on our quality of life in a business setting.

For sales organizations, integrations between their CRM systems and their incentives programs are crucial in order to maintain data integrity and ensure real-time updates on the sales environment. For those sales organizations that go to market through an indirect channel, one of the most valuable integrations with its incentive platform would be the point of sale, which is effectively the hub of all vital sales information.

Here are four reasons you should integrate your POS system with WorkStride Incentives for indirect channel sales.

Enter Info in One Place

When you are incentivizing and rewarding your channel sales in one platform, and keeping track of your sales in another, you often create more work for yourself. With integration, you only need to enter information once -and if your POS system has its own internal automation, then you’re even more likely to benefit from integration.

Reduces Human Error

When you are dealing with multiple software, there is the potential for human error. By automating the solution, you reduce the chance for human error. Since you are not entering in more than one place, the chances of you or someone else entering information incorrectly is greatly limited.


Not only does it reduce human error, but it also minimizes the risk of fraud. With some channel incentives programs, users will see how they can abuse the system and take advantage of poor validation and security checks. However, when you integrate with your POS system, the software programs talk to each other and check to make sure claims are correct.

Saves You Time

When all this in place, you save so much time. Without automation, you might get a single award verified and sent in a minute or so of work. But if you multiply that by the number of awards you give out over a year, you are looking at hours and hours of work. However, if you only have to go to one software to enter information, if you make fewer errors, and if your users are not able to commit fraud, you save yourself and your company all that time. Instead, try using that time to market to your participants and improve sales based on the market research that the WorkStride platform provides you.

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