MDF and CO-OP Programs

MDF Programs and CO-OP Fund Management Solutions

MDF, CO-OP, Fund Management, Local Marketing, Channel Engagement

Keep all of your programs under one roof. A good solution for managing MDF programs and CO-OP funds can help bring operational excellence to your channel marketing. Tackle complexity challenges with rules and targeting and further streamline the funding and relationship between you and your partners.

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Channel Incentive MDF & Coop Management

Bring Your Channel Programs Together, Including SPIFFs, Rebates, MDF CO-OP Programs

Effectively manage CO-OP fund management and Market Development Fund (MDF) programs along with SPIFFs and rebates through a single environment.  WorkStride helps pair you with the right tools to seamlessly manage funds and brand standards, and allow users to see their contributions front-and-center on the user homepage.

WorkStride’s strategic alliance with BrandMuscle empowers even the most robust channel programs to center their programs and tackle their complexities and challenges, including fund management and local marketing.

Powerful Technology Provides Valuable Control, Automation, and Transparency

Our platform backbone coupled with best-in-class data and payment technology creates a multifaceted program experience with robust data collection and funding capabilities and a simple, quick user experience for participants.

Track, Manage, and Deliver Market Development Funds

Seamlessly administrate Market Development Funds in real-time within your centralized incentive program. Administrators gain control over targeted budget assignments, custom request/claim forms, a tailored workflow and approval process, and real-time reporting. Users gain simplicity in their submission process as well as instant insight into their balances.

The Channel Incentives Strategy Playbook

Learn the best practices in strategic program design to Evaluate, Enroll, Engage, Educate, Elevate channel partners.
Channel Incentive Program Strategy Playbook
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