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CorporateRewards Officially Rebrands to WorkStride

CorporateRewards, the company behind the WorkStride platform, which powers employee recognition and incentive programs through SaaS technology, today announced that it will adopt WorkStride as its company name, effective immediately. The transition to the WorkStride name is supported by a newly launched website,, as well as branded presences on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook..

WorkStride has been in business for more than 15 years, building customized recognition and incentive software for companies such as Cleveland Clinic, esurance, Hilton, Pepsico, Verizon and Samsung. In early 2015, the company unveiled the WorkStride platform, a configurable SaaS-based engine that powers recognition, incentives, wellness, training, and safety initiatives seamlessly within one interface. The name WorkStride was chosen to represent the company’s focus on helping employees hit their strides through a blend of social recognition, incentives, rewards and communications fostered by its software.

“We believe the name WorkStride is a much truer representation of our company’s mission and all that our product line has to offer,” said Jim Hemmer, WorkStride CEO. “Rewards are only a small part of our latest offering, which emphasizes social and non-monetary recognition, internal communications and culture-building first and foremost — critical tools needed to help bring out the best from today’s employees.”

Headquartered in New York City’s Empire State Building, WorkStride serves more than 100 corporate customers, helping them to positively affect employee engagement and improve business performance through a blend of software, program design and consultation.

“In addition to our platform’s strengths, rebranding to the WorkStride name also enables us to more closely align with the innovative work our customers have and are doing to engage and motivate their employees,” said Tom Silk, EVP, WorkStride. “Under our new brand identity, we remain a committed partner to help companies build positive corporate cultures and ultimately, drive better financial performance as a result.”

About WorkStride
WorkStride builds highly configurable recognition, incentive, performance, and rewards programs that address and adapt to dynamic needs, helping individuals and organizations harness a shared purpose, optimize performance, and enhance impact. The company represents clients of various sizes, including several Fortune 500 organizations, from a wide range of industries. WorkStride is based in New York City and owned by The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm. Learn more at

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