How WorkStride Helps Increase Channel Sales

  • Promotions & Loyalty
    Promotions & Loyalty

    Drive channel loyalty and performance with interactive and engaging sales promotions.

  • Engagement

    Boost partner engagement and participation by implementing games and widgets alongside your promotions.

  • Rewards

    Keep partners motivated with a variety of reward types to suit every individual preference, from cash to reloadable cards to gift cards.

  • Training & Enablement
    Training & Enablement

    Help partners sell your products better and consistently keep your offerings top-of-mind with training and content.

  • Data and Reporting
    Data and Reporting

    Reduce manual processes around claims validation, and visualize your progress and promotion results with built-in reports.

Better Solutions. Better Results.

  • Loyalty and Mindshare
  • Channel Engagement
  • Communication and Training
  • Results Visualization
  • Sales Lift and ROI

Increase Partner Loyalty

Launch incentive promotions that build loyalty and mindshare and encourage program participation.

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Offer the Rewards People Want

Having flexible reward options means there’s something for everyone. From prepaid cards to gift cards to cash options, users pick exactly what they want.

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Keep Partners Engaged

Add games and widgets to your promotions for added engagement and participation.

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Visualize Data and Reporting

Keep a live pulse on program performance through downloadable tabular reporting and live trend charts.

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Use Training to Build Sales Competency

Incorporate learning modules and sales training, product overviews, videos, quizzes, and other content.

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