Get data into the system quickly and easily.

WorkStride can support a variety of data file formats and can help you structure the data to load automatically into the platform via SFTP or API. WorkStride ingests the data from your POS, CRM, LMS, PRM, and payroll systems seamlessly.

Make submitting claims painless for users.

Program participants can easily submit claims via the platform, whether individually or in bulk. The Claims Submission form can include SKUs of eligible products, quantities, custom fields, documentation attachments, and more.

Improve accuracy and reduce fraud with claims validation.

Data gets validated during and after submission to ensure data integrity. Manually manage all claims through a clean, intuitive interface or set the platform up to validate claims automatically. You can also set payout audit rules based on monetary thresholds or spot checks to review any or all payouts before delivered to the user.

Visualize your incentive program’s progress.

WorkStride gives you a constant window of transparency into program insights across all of the data points you need to see. A suite of built-in reports helps to make program results clear and simple. Customized reports are also available to help you review the data needed for your particular business.

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