As they log in, our program engages users with rich, front-and-center real estate that promotes targeted and actionable communications such as recent promotions, new product releases and other company branding and developments.

Users are kept informed of key highlights that are relevant for them. Admins gain control over communication with indirect partners, controlling transparency and visibility.

Widgets and trackers

Our program lets you introduce engaging elements so participants can track their progress against individual and/or company goals. Dashboards and trackers like leaderboards, progress meters and/or other exciting modules allow users to see their contributions front-and-center on the user homepage.

Partners will more actively participate when they can clearly see their progress in fun and engaging ways. Admins enjoy the ease of adding new modules and the flexibility provided to manage them.


Gamifying all or some of the sales promotions in your program — say through a spin of a virtual wheel or an entry into a lottery — can boost excitement and shake things up.

Program users love the thrill of game participation over the standard payout contest. Admins love the ability to easily configure, manage, change, and view games in the program.


WorkStride programs are web-based, user-friendly and responsive across all devices, with global capabilities.

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