Promotions, Contests, SPIFFs

Introduce meaningful promotions tailored to your unique requirements. By using WorkStride, earnings can be calculated based on simple or complex conditions-ensuring the right reward is paid out for the right behavior, every single time.

Users love the engaging, fresh, and memorable promotions offered by the brands they support. Admins love the flexibility allowed to configure names, brands, and promotions and their ability to launch new contests and SPIFFs at lightning speed.


Since your participant audience is the foundation of your incentive program, we make it easy to migrate and onboard your people to programs they love. And WorkStride’s powerful platform makes it a breeze to create target audiences. Using Audience Builder, you can seamlessly segment people into defined groups for fine-tuned targeting.

Participants love the relevancy of the programs available to them through segmentation. Admins love their ability to hyper-target the program experience to each group within the overall audience by customizing content, promotions, rewards and permissions.

Claims Administration

Seamlessly collect sales through multiple mediums:
• Direct Submission
• File transfer
• Mail in
• API Integration

Program users benefit from the ease of participation. Admins release the heavy and time-consuming burden of manual claim administration. Manual claims are made through a simple submission process that’s accessible across devices. Customizable details include text, date, numerical, attachment or drop-down.

Sales Validation

You can ensure sales entered into the program were made by the user through multiple forms of claim:
• Queue of sales in claims admin to approve/deny
• Automated instant claim validation
• Manual claim audits

Users benefit from a streamlined, software-driven approval process for timelier payouts with more accuracy. Admins have peace of mind that software empowering the program will enable a more efficient, more accurate, and less burdensome backend validation process.

Rewards and Redemptions

In reward programs, choice is key. WorkStride continually tracks user values, shows them the rewards available and allows them to seamlessly choose the rewards that appeal to them most.

Users love the transparency of their ongoing account balances, the simple check-out process and their ability to search, filter and select their rewards of choice. Admins love being able to rely on us for reward issuance, redemption and fulfillment.

Our Most Popular Promotion Types

  • Diverse Rewards SPIFFs
  • Top Seller
  • Cumulative Sales
  • Product Bundling
  • Tiered Unit Reward

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