Stay in your participant's minds and wallets

Branded prepaid cards are a great way to keep your brand top of mind. They provide the user with the broadest spending choice in addition to 24/7 cardholder support and protection for loss or stolen cards.

You can choose reloadable cards, single loop cards, filtered-spend cards or the high-value commercial rebate cards, which can be used for business expenses by multiple users within a company.

Gift cards

Our clients have the option of giving hundreds of different retail gift cards. Users enjoy being able to use their earnings on the major brands they love. Better yet, the experience tends to create a meaningful and memorable connection between company and participant.

Direct Deposit and Check Issuance

Not all incentives are the same. For those programs that involve an element of cash and check issuance, we're there to support your needs. WorkStride offers flexible ACH and physical check options for incentives, rebates, MDF/COOP, and more.

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