Give the gift of prepaid cards that can be used anywhere.

Our single-load or reloadable open-loop prepaid cards include Visa and Mastercard, which are accepted almost everywhere. We also offer a filtered-spend Discover card. Co-branding and customization are available. These cards provide the user with the broadest spending choice, loss/stolen card replacement protection, and 24/7 cardholder support.

You can also offer high-value commercial rebate cards, which multiple people at a company can use for business expenses.

Empower your largest earners with direct deposit.

Our direct deposit option adds a new level of flexibility to incentive payouts for partner rebates or large earners. During the redemption experience, rewards are quickly deposited directly into your users' bank accounts, safely and efficiently. Alternatively, you can issue a check that will be mailed to the user.

Offer an extensive selection of gift cards.

Users or partners earn rewards, which are then placed into their accounts. At this point, they can log into the mall from any device to choose the reward that most interests them. These can be delivered either as instant e-gift cards, or as physical cards that are mailed to users.

WorkStride’s Rewards Mall comes with over 300 standard and premium brands. These cards can be used both online and in-store and are exceptionally popular within rewards programs. Gift cards are available in a large catalog, which provides the user with more reward choice.

Motivate with merchandise.

Feature any kind of merchandise you like as an additional reward option for your users. Give your users a selection of tangible items that are sure to keep them satisfied—from traditional merchandise catalogs featuring top brands and popular consumer items, to company-branded items and sample goods that can be used in the sales process.

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