As much as your sales incentive program is an opportunity to gain more sales, it’s also a valuable education tool and a way to get better brand recall and loyalty from your partners. Our systems allow you to utilize training modules that can host your content and resources, and blend in rewards and other conditions for participation and completion.

Program users who have completed training are far more likely to participate actively in the sales promotions you’re running. As such, WorkStride lets you manage training content and see who’s participated in hosted training modules.


Toolkit introduces a resourceful repository of key sales enablement content, like PDF guides, brochures, pricing sheets, and other material. Toolkit lives front and center in the program with targeted exposure and accessibility to your users- there for when they need it.

Message Creator

In addition to automated messaging and alerts sent through the program, you can use Message Creator to reach all or parts of your user base with one-off targeted communications.

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