Allow employees to take mandatory or optional training directly in the platform.

Host onboarding, corporate, or functional training materials with content such as videos and quizzes. When you pair recognition with your training initiatives, your participants will be able to track their progress within a website they are already used to visiting. They can view educational courses, look at their rewards, and recognize others, all within the same platform. For users who have so many logins to remember, or who aren’t at desks all day, having just one place to go to is a big benefit.

Host educational and corporate materials in the Toolkit module.

WorkStride’s Toolkit module helps you to strategically align your content with your employee onboarding and development goals. Upload PDFs or link to company sites to make them easily accessible from one central location.

Target both Training and Toolkit items at specific groups of employees.

Both the Training and Toolkit modules can be targeted at specific program participants, ensuring the right content is seen by the right people.

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