Badges and eCards.

Not all rewards need to be monetary to drive positive company impact. Administrators, Leaders, and Peers can simply acknowledge others' hard work, company core values in action, or other desirable behaviors with achievement badges, videos, eCards and/or tailored messages. This non-monetary recognition boosts engagement and can help your organization drive positive interactions that support company culture.

Social Stream.

Publicizing achievements and other good things happening throughout your organization tends to generate more good vibes. You may choose to broadcast awards, recognition and other good news through a live central feed that allows fellow employees to see, "like," comment on and share their peers' experiences.

Shared Interests.

More than a recognition portal, your program creates a virtual shared medium for employees to collaborate, communicate, and learn about each other. Increase connections between your employees by allowing them to select activities and hobbies that are of interest to them and then see who else in the organization shares those same interests.

Customer-to-Employee Recognition.

Customers know when they’ve been served well. That’s why we’ve included them in the recognition experience. Customers can access a portal to recognize an individual in your organization, extending the ability to recognize beyond the walls of your business.

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