WorkStride Training

Create excitement around training with incentives, rewards, and social competition



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House Training Content

Integrate with an existing LMS or use WorkStride’s content management system to house training content and quizzes. You’ll see who is participating via the reporting module.

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Use Social Participation and Gamification

Make training fun with a social wall and games to create a supportive culture and keep participation high. Foster friendly competition as participants work to get to higher levels in the program to earn badges or rewards.

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Communicate with Participants

Send out branded communications to targeted groups. Newsletters or articles can also be posted to the website’s home page and targeted to certain user types so you can ensure your content is relevant.

Program Management

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Account Management

Upon day one on signing on with WorkStride you will receive a dedicated Client Service Manager that will remain with you for the life of the account, just a phone call or email away. All of our CSM’s are experienced in building successful training programs, so you are in good hands!

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Customer Service

Our bilingual customer service agents are available from 9am to 6pm EST to answer employee inquiries via phone or email. They sit right here in our New York office and work closely with our software engineers so they can get problems resolved quickly!


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Your managers and administrators will be fully trained on the program and website functionality before launch. We also provide graphical program walkthrough PDF’s for managers and employees for quick reference.

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Looking for a catchy program name? Need help designing a custom badge for your latest social contest? We got you covered. Our marketing and graphics team is at your service!


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Rewards Mall

WorkStride has built a robust rewards mall that gives participants a true retail shopping experience with a wide range of options, from retailers to restaurants and services. We do not mark up our rewards—your participants get to spend the full value they have earned.

Rewards Your Way

We are happy to include any types of rewards that will motivate program participants. We have partnerships with several providers that can be integrated into your program’s mall. Some examples of rewards used by WorkStride customers include-

  • Cash
  • Company store items
  • Merchandise
  • Non-monetary badges or other social currency
  • Parking spaces, PTO, or other perks
  • Travel and experiences
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Make Learning Social

You don’t have to give out monetary rewards for every training completed. Motivate participants with badges, gaming techniques, and a little friendly social competition.

Additional Helpful Features

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Single sign-on with existing websites or intranet

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Self-registration to gather user info for programs where you might not know all of your participants

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A reporting module that lets you see who is engaging with your content and the results they achieve on quizzes