Do It Right: A Safety Incentive Platform Guide

workstride safety incentive program

Safety incentive programs are a hot topic right now, especially since OSHA has passed specific regulations that impact their effectiveness.

Safe workplace conditions are naturally a priority, but getting workers to comply with regulations may be somewhat tricky. Incentivizing and rewarding workers for safe behaviors is proven to be effective in improving workplace safety. However, there are times when these programs cause more harm than good. How do you know what type of program will work and be compliant with OSHA regulations?

In this e-book, we will discuss:

  • a brief history of OSHA
  • recent OSHA regulations and how they impact you
  • what kinds of incentive programs OSHA does and does not like
  • how to build a safety incentive program that is OSHA-compliant
  • and more!

Download our e-book to make sure your safety incentive program is both compliant and optimized.