Exciting and Flexible Rewards

With the Most Flexible Reward Offering, You Can Provide Rewards That Everyone Will Love.

Gift Card Rewards, Merchandise Rewards, Visa Card Rewards, Cash Rewards, Non-Cash/Experience.

WorkStride offers a refreshing approach to the reward model, flexing to your needs and the needs of your user population in reward choice, delivery, currency format, and billing structure. Our agnostic assortment and dollar-for-dollar reward experience make WorkStride rewards the most compelling reward offering in the market.

Gain the Power to Choose your Reward Assortment


Gift Cards

More than 350 retail gift cards to select from with offerings in both virtual and physical card, including Amazon, Walmart, Nike, American Airlines, and more.


Logo'd Items

Endless possibilities of custom-branded items can be included in your program, such as mugs, pens, work tools, or even your own company’s products.

Visa Cards

Choose from Visa prepaid open-loop debit cards or branded reloadables, giving recipients the freedom to spend rewards on millions of purchase options.

Cash Options

Choose to include cash payment redemption options like ACH and direct deposit straight to your participants’ accounts with support for data collection and tax.


Thousands of options across desirable merchandise categories like apparel, tech, cookware, and many more are delivered right to their door.

Non Cash

Go outside the box with non-traditional options like experiences, event tickets, parking spaces, lunch with the CEO, or wherever your imagination takes you.

Our Reward Philosophy


We are reward diverse

Your solution will model the rewards that are most motivating and meaningful for you and your participants. This can include gift cards, Visa cards, cash options, merchandise, global rewards, and more. Our business model is not based on driving you to choose high-margin rewards; rather, our focus is on choosing to host the rewards that deliver the best program performance.


We provide optionality

Whether you're choosing your ideal billing model, program currency linked points or dollars, or variety of redemption items both domestically and globally, WorkStride offers the power of choice. We support you in creating the perfect reward model for you, your program, and your participants.

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We deliver maximum value

Our solutions are aimed to reduce your budgets on administration in order to optimize the value spent on your program participants. We provide a competitive reward offering with compelling redemption options and gift cards that are true value.


We support your global footprint

With reward selections all over the world, we support global programs and their international audiences with diverse reward options, currency conversion, translations, parity, and tax solutions. Your participants throughout the world will feel right at home.

Don't Just Pay Out Rewards – Make It a Memorable Experience

With a configurable reward assortment of your choice coupled with a user-friendly reward portal and intuitive redemption process, you’ll provide your users with a memorable experience that will keep them motivated to earn more.

WorkStride Reward Programs

Get the Right Model with Currency and Billing Options

Don’t get stuck in a model that doesn’t fit your needs. Select either points or dollars as the program’s reward currency, and choose when to be billed: on reward issuance or redemption. We work with you to craft your winning model.

Enjoy Rich Reward Functionality

Offer your participants a familiar online shopping experience during their redemption; one that’s rich with operational efficiency. This includes a handy earnings bank, searchable and filterable reward portal, e-commerce-like checkout, and reward center displaying reward history and statuses.

Employee Points Program

Top-Tier US-Based Customer Service

Our in-house, US-based customer support team is here to help your program participants with usage of the program and redemption. Our support team gets trained on your specific program to provide users with personalized, white-glove support by phone, email, or chat.

Take More Control Over Rewards with Administrative Tools

WorkStride provides program administrators with the tools to deliver program control and flexibility. Administrators have the ability to view and manage reward budgets, and approve or deny participant reward claims. Also, administrators have access to a reporting suite where registration, activity, payout, reward, and other reports are available for a live pulse on the program. 

We offer tax reporting, as well as administrative tax support, including the collection of IDs and 1099s. We can even prepare and file year-end tax documentation for IRS compliance if that’s a service you want.

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