SPIFF Programs and Rebates

Attractive SPIFFs and Rebates for Channel Partner Engagement and Performance

SPIFFs, Rebates, Incentives, Contests, Promotions

Excite and engage your dealers and distributors with long-term or limited-timeframe SPIFFs and Incentive promotions. Include complex incentive design, rules and logic, target audiences for personalization and relevance, and provide engaging tracking and gamification.

Key Pillars of SPIFF Program Success


Program Experience

Each program involves an intuitive and responsive site design for participants. This includes a company-branded experience that can be personalized and segmented to individual participants and groups.


Engagement and Communication

Blended into each program are exciting engagement modules and features that motivate continued and repeat participation. Personalized communications boost knowledge, mindshare, and loyalty.


Audience Personalization

Create audience groups directly within the program using any user data inputs desired. Target the entire program experience to groups, including specific programs, SPIFFs, content, communications, and permissions.

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Promotion and Campaigns

Sales incentives, contests, and SPIFFs can be as simple or complex as desired, and involve any mix of audiences, tiers, products, rewardable transactions, and behaviors, etc. Incentives have engaging design, tracking, and widgets, among other features.


Payout Processing and Rewards

Claims can be collected through various mediums for validation and payout via points or dollar value, and are processed at industry-leading speeds. Rewards can be redeemed for options you choose to include in the program, such as Visa, ACH, gift cards, merchandise, and/or others.


Insights and Reporting

Detailed reporting is available for both participants and administrators. Participants see their own results, while administrators see holistic reporting and analytics for overall program performance. Unique reporting access can be permissioned program roles like managers, leaders, distributor administrators, or others.

Cohesive Program Features and Functionality

Dealer Incentive Programs

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Dealer Channel Incentive Programs Rewards

Engaging and Tailored SPIFFs, Contests, Rebates.

Introduce meaningful SPIFFs tailored to your unique requirements, with the ability to execute at lightening speed. Powerful backend technology enables support of advanced complexity where earnings can be calculated based on simple or complex conditions-ensuring the right reward is paid out for the right behavior, every single time.

Dashboards and trackers like leaderboards, progress meters and/or other exciting modules allow users to see their contributions front-and-center on the user homepage.

Dealer Channel Incentive Programs Rewards

Powerful Control, Speed, and Flexibility of Your Programs.

WorkStride clients gain an award-winning administrator experience to ensure that the program can flex in all the ways you need it to. Gain control over automated audience building and targeting, new SPIFF and rebate creation, payout logic and rules, reporting, and much more.

Channel Incentive Program Management
Channel Incentive Program Audiences Targeting

Impactful Personalization

Since your participant audience is the foundation of your incentive program, we make it easy to migrate and onboard your people to programs they love. And WorkStride’s powerful platform makes it a breeze to create target audiences.

Using Audience Builder, you can seamlessly segment people into defined groups for fine-tuned targeting throughout the program experience.

Channel Incentive Program Audiences Targeting

Seamless Claims Administration

Seamlessly collect sales through multiple mediums, like direct submission across devices, file transfer, mail in, API Integration. Program users benefit from the ease of program participation. WorkStride can support a variety of feed formats and can help you structure the data to load into the platform seamlessly from your POS, CRM, LMS, PRM, and payroll systems.

Admins are relieved of time-consuming manual claim administration and empowered with tools to see and control the validation process. Claims can be validated via automated validation against source data, and/or manually audited by admins or WorkStride via Claims Admin portal.

Sales Channel Incentive Program Data
Channel Incentive Program Communication

Effective Communication Reach

Each program design consists of multiple mediums to communicate directly to participants. Sliding highlight banners on the homepage help convey key custom brand messaging and announcements that are relevant for audiences. Admins can choose which groups see which of their highlights. 

Participants receive a regular stream of automated messages based on their behaviors, such as new promotions and rewards received. A built-in Message Creator enables permissioned admins and leaders to created and send one-off messages to audiences and groups in the program.

Channel Incentive Program Communication
Gift Card Channel Incentive Rewards

Industry-Leading Client Experience

Industry-Leading Incentive Experience

The Channel Incentives Strategy Playbook

Learn the best practices in strategic program design to Evaluate, Enroll, Engage, Educate, Elevate channel partners.
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