Spot and Bulk Awards

Exciting Spot Awards to Encourage Monetary Recognitions at Top Organizations

Peer-Peer, Manager-Peer, Company to Employee, Spot Recognition, Spot Reward

Foster meaningful reward exchanges from all directions in your organization, creating strong bonds, employee connections, strong culture and reinforcements of key contributions. Choose to encourage peer-peer rewards, manager-employee, company-employee, and spot reward individuals or groups.

Key Pillars of Recognition Program Success


Site Experience

Each program involves an intuitive and responsive site design for participants that includes a company-branded experience.


Custom Award Types

Service and milestone awards can be configured to desired values and occasions, with custom branding, award title, and award descriptions.


Memorable Award Presentation

Users receive program awards through your choice of virtual or physical mediums. Awards can include an accompanying custom physical commemorative award or presentation kit.


Monetary Administration

Choose your rewardable milestones, such as 5, 10, or 15-year anniversaries, and assign value to each threshold. Accommodate unique requirements of denominations, audience tiers, and award types.


Award Calendar

Automate the service award and milestone experience with an administrative calendar that enables administrators to visualize and manage the award schema.


Insights & Reporting

Detailed reporting is available for participants and administrators to keep track of service awards issued to recipients, in addition to other key program performance indicators.

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Social Recognition Programs

Align Spot Awards to Core Values and Achievements

Provide employees with exciting and custom reward interactions that reinforce the behaviors most valued at your organization. Spot awards can be sent by budget holders through an intuitive reward workflow to choose award type and value, and include customized messages and senders.

Create a Memorable and Unique Reward Experience

Receiving a reward is a special experience made exciting and interactive for the recipient. Earners get a notification of a new reward received, and can access their award details, value, and accompanying message or certificate directly through the program.

Employee Reward Experience
Employee Points Program

Reward in Your Desired Program Currencies

Rewards add to the recipients reward bank, which can be in dollars, points,, or other creative currency labels your organization prefers. Earners can see their current reward value at any time and choose to redeem at any time. 

Provide the Gift of Optionality with a Curated Rewards Experience

Program users can redeem their rewards in your programs reward mall, which includes a curation of options that can include more than 200 instant and physical gift cards of leading retailers, exciting merchandise, Visa cards, and other rewards.

Branded Employee Recognition Program

Showcase the Great Achievements at Your Organization

Choose the option to have all or some spot awards displayed on your company’s social stream, allowing others to see, like, comment and follow reward experiences of their peers. 

Industry-Leading Recognition Experience

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