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How WorkStride Can Bolster Your Channel Incentive Program

Successful incentive promotions are key to capturing greater indirect revenue from your partners, therefore ensuring program longevity. However, the multiple moving pieces within each promotion—goal setting, promotion logic, payouts, data, rewards, and others—all contribute to the high stress environment and risk of your current in-house program (see Exhibit A). A channel incentives and program management (CIPM) platform is likely what your competitors are already using, so why aren’t you?

What can WorkStride do for you?

Excel sheets, basic software, fulfillment-only solutions, and in-house processes seem to be clear and inexpensive options upfront, but opportunity is lost due to lack of flexibility, scalability, and compounding high time/man-hour expense to manage those solutions. WorkStride’s comprehensive incentive solution is key to successful incentive promotions.

brain chaos channel administrator
Exhibit A: Does your brain feel like this sometimes?


In-house: Limited registration functionality that often delays commencement time. This disrupts seamless registration, increasing program drop-off resulting in smaller program populations.

WorkStride: Interoperability via SSO, SFTP, and API automates registration. Additionally, a reactive registration form allows for customizable fields to be displayed, allowing for seamless registration.


In-house: Due to limitations in functionality and flexibility, segmentation across partner audiences only occurs on a select few promotions. These audiences are not reusable in other aspects of the program.

WorkStride: Strategically segment audiences and target with promotions, contests, or communication content. These smart audiences can be saved and reused throughout your promotion.

Promotion Building

In-house: Promotion variations are limited, as are accompanying strategy and logic within each promotion. This makes it more difficult for admins to be creative in matching actions to desired reward methods.

WorkStride: Multiple promotions can be run concurrently to separate audiences. Various promotion types built into the program allow admins to be intentional in their promotion creation and create both short-term and long-term promotions to meet business goals.

Program Communications

In-house: Difficult to maintain constant contact with program participants so they are not kept abreast of product developments, program documents, or other program requirements. This leads to confusion and frustration which can hinder program growth and engagement.

WorkStride: Admins have full control over program communication and can keep users apprised of important details, dates, trainings, or other important parts of the promotion. This can be via an uploaded file or a direct message, individually or in bulk.


In-house: Limited rewards options and longer processing times reduce the level of user engagement and participation.

WorkStride: Claims are validated and paid out quickly. Multiple reward types are available through our Rewards Mall, with segmentation capabilities to fully take control of your rewards process.


WorkStride offers benefits like automating claims and registrations, streamlining complex processes and workflows, and providing a high level of Admin control over the program. These benefits are advantageous when it comes to ROI, awareness, engagement, and loyalty amongst your partners. The automation of an incentive program makes the difference between simply placing payouts to partners and engaging partners in effective results oriented—and profitable—promotions.

Successful incentive promotions are key components of your channel stack! Discuss your program goals with a WorkStride specialist today!

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