Reward Tax Administration and Compliance

Ease the Burden and Complexity of Tax Administration

Tax Administration, Tax Reporting, 1099 Collection, Filing

We’ve got your back on tax – no matter how big or global your program might be. Our formal tax administration professional services serve clients with support around tax requirements and compliance – from collection of IDs, disbursing tax documentation, and reporting to tax authorities.

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Tax Administration

There are multiple options available to feed sales data into your program, like regular secure file transfer, seamless self-submission, and custom API system integration.

All claims ingested into your program feed neatly into your platform’s claims center, where administrators can see and manage claims. For data that needs some extra attention, our data team leverages Trifacta technology to clean messy data.

Global Tax Compliance

After successful data entry, you’ll have multiple methods for auditing unvalidated claims to adopt into your program design, including auto-validation against source data, manual audits performed by program administrators using Claims Admin and manual audits performed by WorkStride.

Reward Tax Administration Services and Support

Tax ID Collection

We support the collection of necessary user data such as SSN, name, address through your program that enables ease of tax reporting.

Tax Reporting

As a standard, you program contains simple and inclusive tax reporting, which reports all users who have exceeded an annual taxable threshold based on their earnings and location.

Tax Filing

Clients can leverage their standard Tax report to seamlessly file with tax authorities for processing. Clients can also leverage WorkStride to conduct filing on your behalf.

1099 and Other Documentation

We support the processing and issuance of 1099s to users who require one, so that each user has what they need to report their program earnings.

Global Tax Compliance

We can manage the burden of your global tax reporting and compliance, like collection of necessary tax IDs, company tax reports, and providing user documentation to report to local tax authorities.

Data Collection

WorkStride enables cohesive collection of claims data, including all required fields to meet all tax requirements.

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