The Channel Incentives Strategy Playbook

For decades, incentive strategy has been used to influence positive behaviors in the channel to help drive more sales. Although “more sales” may be the key destination, the road to getting there may be blurry.

Too often, channel professionals may find themselves jumping from a broad goal (like “more sales”) straight down to a narrow tactic to get there (like adding this tool; launching this campaign; adding this reward.)

Overlooked in strategy may be the avenues that lie in between a high-level goal and the granular activities… Enter the five E’s of channel strategy.

In The Channel Incentives Strategy Playbook, you’ll gain more than a broad brush across incentive strategy, you’ll have access to an actionable resource to help serve a blueprint for meaningful program design.


  • Broad Objectives
  • Program Strategies
  • Partner Types
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market share
  • Revenue share
  • Partner share
  • Channel Behaviors


  • Appealing to and adding more partners to your channel network
  • Field sales strategy
  • Referral strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Successful program on-boarding


  • Drawing more partners to engage with the program and promotions


  • Building more sales competency in the channel
  • Gaining mindshare over competitive brands and promotions


  • Fine-tuning the performance of promotions (spending vs. revenue)
  • Audience segmentation and personalization
  • Product mix shifting toward more desirable SKU sales
  • Actionable reporting insight
  • ROI
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