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Training the Last Few Feet of Your Sales Channel

Training your sales reps might be difficult when they don’t directly work for you – like when your product is sold in a retail store next to competing products. You can’t provide mandatory training to new employees and you can’t reprimand a sales person for not knowing your product. Being so detached from the last few feet of the sale, the information your sales person knows seems to be out of your hands – and you’re lucky if the retailer provides any training on your product.

So how do you get new product information down the channel? The answer lies in your Channel Sales Incentives Program.

If you already have a Channel Sales Incentives Program, then it doesn’t take much to implement a training program. The system is already in place. But how does an Incentives Platform incorporate a Training platform, and is it even worth it?

Here are the top 4 reasons you should use your Incentives program software to train your channel sales.

You Already Have a Connection with the Last Few Feet

With an organized Incentives Program in place to motivate and reward the last few feet of the sales channel, you already have a connection with your target audience. Adding a Training Program is as simple as adding a few features to your already existing Incentives Platform. It works right within your existing software so your users only have one login for both Incentives and Training.

Gamify Your Training Programs

A good Incentives Program will allow you to create games to get your audience’s attention. Users are far more likely to play games than to sit through boring text documents. Not to mention, you will be able to customize the training course to include information that you find important, and distribute that information in a way that matches your company tone.

Use Incentives to Increase Participation

In addition to creating a custom training program that works for your company, you can also entice sales associates to watch videos or take quizzes through rewards built into the incentive software. By giving users a reason to complete your training programs, you will see a large increase in participation. A set reward or even a raffle will help increase user response to training programs. And with more training, your users will be better qualified to explain your product to consumers, leading to more sales!

Track Participant Information

When your training program is tied with your incentive program, you can easily track ROI. You can view who has taken the training program, how much money was dedicated to training incentives, what geographical area took part in the training program, and compare all the information to how much revenue came from that area. This way you can track how much you spent on training and the profit that comes along with better educated sales people.

WorkStride Training

For more information on how to combine your Incentive and Training programs onto the same platform, visit the Training section of our website, or contact us for a Demo. If you are a current customer of WorkStride, you can contact your Client Success Manager for information on adding WorkStride Training to your account.


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