How WorkStride Works for Healthcare

Healthcare employees have one of the most important jobs in the world—keeping patients alive and well. In order for employees to provide the best care, they must be well-trained, engaged, and aware of the expectations the hospital has for excellent care.

The HCAHPS Factor

The Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) pays hospitals based on patients’ perceived quality of care as measured by the HCAHPS survey. The survey asks questions aimed at measuring:

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Staff Communication

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Pain Management

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Care Transition

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satisfaction survey questionnaire response

Overall impression and willingness to recommend

Why Engaged Employees Matter

Engaged employees are personally and emotionally invested in doing their jobs well. They will go beyond simply showing up on time and performing satisfactorily. Engaged healthcare workers will show behaviors like the following:

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Making personal connections with patients and showing compassion for their families

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Checking back on their patients often and keeping anxiety low with frequent updates.

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Being meticulous in following proper procedures.

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Helping out other employees when needed.

In a Gallup study of 200 hospitals, they found that the engagement level of nurses was the number one variable correlating to mortality, even beating out the number of nurses per patient day.

The graphic below shows the multiple ways in which employee engagement can affect a hospital’s profits:

kevin kruse employee engagement flowchart

Credit: Kevin Kruse, Forbes

How WorkStride Can Help

The WorkStride platform is designed to integrate recognition, communications, and social techniques to support employee engagement efforts, reinforce core values, and build a positive culture.

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WorkStride’s home page offers a “billboard” where administrators can post hospital news, including links to newsletters or other informational literature.

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Social Engagement:

Our Recognition Stream highlights the great work being done by individuals each day and gives people the opportunity to congratulate their peers and comment on others’ accomplishments.

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Collect Patient Feedback:

WorkStride provides a separate “entrance” to your website that allows customers to visit without logging in to fill out surveys or simply leave feedback. Positive feedback can be shared to the Recognition Stream and also turned into monetary rewards by administrators.

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Recognition Aligned with Values:

WorkStride’s recognition widget offers an easy step-by-step way for workers to recognize each other, whether non-monetary or with a reward attached. We recommend that each award be aligned with a hospital core value or initiative.

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WorkStride’s rewards mall provides access to thousands of brands. Recipients can shop online, in-store, or via their mobile devices.

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Provide Valuable Behavioral Data:

WorkStride’s reporting suite is a wealth of information about who your high performers are, which core values are most/least embodied by employees on a daily basis, which managers are taking the time to recognize their direct reports, etc.

Our Healthcare Experience

We are proud to serve a variety of healthcare and insurance providers.

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