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How WorkStride Works for Wireless

Employees at most wireless retail locations have several brands competing for their attention as salespeople. If you are a carrier, OEM, or accessories manufacturer, ensuring that your brand is top of mind is a priority. If you’re a store owner, your goal is to motivate your employees to increase sales overall.

What is WorkStride?

WorkStride is a cloud-based, mobile responsive platform that allows you to build and promote incentive contests, provide product training, foster social competition, reward results, and access real-time sales data for all of your retail locations.

Who uses WorkStride?

National OEM’s and Carriers

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Accessory Manufacturers

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Wireless Stores

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Wireless Retail Incentives- How they Work

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WorkStride for Wireless:

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Set up Your Own Contests
or Promotions:

Administrators can build contests within just a few clicks. Run different promotions concurrently for unique audiences, locations, products, etc.

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Recognize Behaviors:

Nominate hard-working salespeople for awards for good work even when they don’t win the contest to keep morale high.

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Validate Sales and Eliminate Fraud:

Integrate with your POS system or CRM so the right person gets the credit for the sale.

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Know Where Your Sales are Coming From:

WorkStride’s suite of reports will show you exactly how your promotions are performing by store, location, salesperson, or any custom parameters needed.

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Whether you want to use cash, your own products, or our retail-value rewards mall, we support the rewards that motivate your participants.

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Train for Success:

WorkStride can integrate with your existing LMS or host videos and documents within our native content management system. Track participation and administer quizzes to track effectiveness.

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Make it Social:

WorkStride’s social stream allows co-workers to comment on and congratulate each other for achievements, or even do a little friendly trash talking to facilitate competition!

Challenge: Running Multiple Promotions

We know that running concurrent promotions with different parameters is a necessity in the wireless business. WorkStride’s contest creator makes it easy:

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You can set up promotions yourself within the WorkStride Administrator module, or your Client Success Manager can set them up for you. You will be able to see activity by promotion in your Reports section.

Integrated Partnerships

WorkStride integrates with existing software to share data for more automated and accurate program operation:

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  • PAYROLL: Disburse cash incentives easily and ensure that income tax is properly recorded.
  • CRM: Capture and reward sales activity for more lengthy or complex sales cycles.
  • POS: Record the transaction and attribute it properly right at the point of sale.

Motivating Millennials

The majority of the employees walking the floor selling your products are 18-35 years old, which means they’re Millennials! WorkStride is designed to appeal to this group with-

  • Mobile-responsive design that lets them participate on the go.
  • Incorporation of social elements that build a cohesive culture among your staff members.
  • Recognition capabilities that keep morale high.
  • On-demand rewards and experiences.
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Our Wireless Experience

WorkStride is used by major carriers and OEM’s as well as national wireless retailers.

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