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Maximize Channel Performance with an Incentive Program

When executed properly, offering incentives to your channel sales reps can be an effective way to increase lift, encourage maximum participation in your promotions or programs, reduce fraud from invalid claims submissions, and improve overall sales of your products or services.

WorkStride offers a fully-configurable, cloud-based platform designed to help you reach and engage every part of your indirect sales organization with engaging promotions, seamless sales entry, motivating rewards experiences, expert support and more.

What comes included in the platform?

  • SPIF and Loyalty Promotions. Run multiple promotions and contests at once to motivate reps and keep them interested.
  • Robust Audience Segmentation. Target promotions based on demographics or past behavior. Participants see only the promotions for which they’re eligible.
  • Education and Training. Education modules to share continued knowledge about your brand.
  • Data Validation and Fraud Prevention. Reduce the likelihood of fraud or erroneous claims submissions during the execution of your channel incentive promotions.
  • Insights and Analytics. Graphical dashboards, customized reports and extensive data allow you to analyze your activity better than ever before.
  • Rewards Done Right. Offer the rewards your indirect reps want, from cash to gift cards to experiences.

Get a demo now to learn about how WorkStride can help you maximize channel performance and meet your business goals.

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