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Webinar: Shaping the Employee and Customer Experience to Maximize Competitive Advantage


Employee and customer experience for major companies is arguably more important than it’s ever been. In the last 8 months reduced capacity, social distancing, work from home, and other effects of the pandemic have accelerated and solidified existing trends in consumer behavior- including a trend towards greater virtual interactions. As we all grow accustomed to the “new normal,” there’s an emergent advantage at the intersection of employee and customer experience that gives a clear opportunity for organizations to improve their competitive advantage in this accelerated digital age.

While the economy continues to recover, organizations must employ innovative strategies to grow revenue and retain existing customers and employees- by building trust, being empathetic, and making employees and customers feel valued. Now, more than ever, is an invaluable time to recharge our businesses by identifying these emerging trends, and capitalizing on them to drive success.

Join us on December 10 for a webinar where subject matter experts discuss the potential effects of work from home on consumer behaviors, winning customer and employee strategies, and how organizations can find the sweet spot between them to provide an employee and customer experience that will have a lasting impact on revenue potential in the future!

Featuring experts from Engage2Excel and WorkStride!

Andrew Goldschmidt, SVP of Customer Success, Engage2Excel

    • Engage2Excel helps HR organizations create unique candidate and employee experiences from pre-hire to retirement.

Brian Dodds, VP of Sales, WorkStride

    • WorkStride provides configurable incentives and reward solutions through powerful software, strategic program design, and diverse reward experiences.

Learn to drive revenue with your employee and customer experiences today!

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