Company culture encompasses the norms (both formal and informal) that make up the way work gets done in your organization and how people interact. It also defines how employees react in any given situation. Think about the great service you receive at your favorite restaurant vs. taking a trip to the DMV. You can clearly guess which has a more positive, customer-focused culture!

What a Great Company Culture Looks Like

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Individuals understand how they contribute

raised hands in class

Employees are encouraged to learn and grow

group smiling and laughing

People recognize each other for good work

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Everyone can be themselves

office pingpong

People have fun at work

teamwork office meeting

Teamwork happens

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In a recent Deloitte study an overwhelming 87% of responding companies rated culture and engagement as “important,” with 50% noting it as “very important

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A Columbia University study showed that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with rich company culture is a mere 13.9%. In companies with poor culture it is 48.4%.

“High-recognition companies” have 31% lower voluntary turnover than companies with poor recognition cultures. (Bersin by Deloitte)


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  • If you have already created a magnetic workplace culture, you should think about how to maintain it and ensure that it does not deteriorate, especially if you are experiencing growth or change.

  • With each new hire, ask yourself if he or she will contribute positively to the culture you are building.

  • If you know your culture could be better, identify the points for improvement and think about concrete ways to turn them around.


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Promote and support your culture

WorkStride offers administrators control over the website’s home page to advertise company events, feature star employees, and post news stories about company wins. If you already have similar content on your intranet, WorkStride can form a single sign-on relationship so all your culture-building initiatives can live in one place.

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Create a culture of recognition

Saying “thank you” seems so simple, but during our busy work days many of us forget to do it! WorkStride provides a structured process for colleagues to send each other custom-designed awards so that the act of recognition is simple for the sender and uplifting for the recipient.

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Align employee accomplishments with company goals

Saying “good job” after a success is just the first step in building a great company culture. The employee must understand WHY they are being recognized and how their actions contributed to your organization’s mission. WorkStride aligns each award type with a value or initiative so every recognition reinforces the actions you’d like to see happen again and again.

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Connect people across your company

In today’s global business world, many of us work with colleagues we rarely (or never) see in person, so it’s easy to feel disconnected. WorkStride puts faces to names with user profiles that include a picture as well as personal information such as hobbies and skills provided by employees that can help others get to know them.

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