Why WorkStride Works for Recognition


Employee engagement describes the relationship an employee has to your company. Engaged employees are committed to making your company successful.

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Employee Engagement Stats


32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged according to Gallup.

Companies with engaged workforces outperform competitors with disengaged workers by 10% on customer ratings, 21% in productivity, and 22% in profitability.-Gallup







While 90% of executives understand the importance of employee engagement,
fewer than 50% understand how to address this issue.- The Conference Board

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Every employee has the potential to be engaged through-

workplaceA pleasant work environment that they enjoy coming to every day.

manager icon A manager who cares about their wellbeing, success, and development.

two way communication Transparent two-way communication throughout the organization.

autonomy icon The freedom to perform their job with autonomy.

eye_icon A company mission and vision that they can get behind.

thumbs up icon Recognition for the great work they do.

How WorkStride Can Help

Clearly, some aspects of employee engagement cannot be addressed by any software platform. But software is a great tool to help you along the journey to becoming a better place to work. Here’s how!

Recognize employees for great work.

A 2015 Harvard Business Review poll with Harris Interactive found that 63% of employees felt that not recognizing employee achievements prevented their leaders from being effective. WorkStride provides a user-friendly way for employees to send and receive recognition. You pick the values and actions you’d like to promote in your organization and we’ll help you build award types that reinforce them.

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Encourage managers to connect with employees.

Although it is normally labeled as a concern for HR, Gallup has found that it’s actually managers who account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement! WorkStride enables managers to see how their teams are performing and recognize great work. Administrators can easily see manager activity to monitor program usage, and automated reminders can be set to encourage participation.

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Reinforce core values and mission.

A recognition program built using best practices will align to your company’s core values, goals, and mission. Recognizing employees for embodying these principles will reinforce them and show others what success looks like. Promoting recognitions in a social forum spreads the message throughout the organization.

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